Moccasin Information

Moccasin Sizing

See our size charts to find your size. For help on measuring, see below.

Black Jacket Tackle Company Handmade Moccasin size chart for menBlack Jacket Tackle Company's Handmade Moccasin size chart for women

How to Measure for Moccasins

Take all measurements while standing. If you need to, use a chair to help stabilize yourself, or ask someone for help. On a piece of paper, trace around each foot, keeping your pen or pencil straight up and down. Measure from your longest toe to the heel. This is your length measurement. Measure across the ball of the foot, just beneath your toes. This is your width measurement. For your instep measurement, use a soft tape measure of string and ruler. Start at the floor just in front of the ankle on the outside of the foot, go up and over the top of the foot and back down to the floor on the inside of the foot just in front of the ankle. The tape measure should resemble a rainbow over the top of the foot. See images below for help locating this measurement. For best results, include your measurements with your order. For custom orders, these measurements are required, along with foot tracings e-mailed to If you have special requirements, please contact us prior to ordering.

Measuring foot instep with soft tape measureIntep measurement on inside of foot using soft tape measure