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I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how awesome the Outlander mocs are. They are by far my favorite, and I have worn them almost every day through the snow and slush and they are holding up amazing. Really impressed with their quality, comfort, and feel.

Clint, Alaska

I love my new shoes! Scott and Jen were extremely helpful, everything just worked out wonderfully, very recommendable. Thanks!

Sabrina, Germany

I'm a woman that suffers from many contact allergies and I've spent thousands of dollars trying to find a shoe that does not break my feet out. I was wearing cardboard on my feet when my sister gifted me with a beautiful pair of Scout moccasins. And guess what! No more cardboard for my feet!! Absolutely changed the quality of my life! I'm ordering more today! Thanks to Black Jacket Tackle Company for not giving in to synthetic materials and sticking to pure and simple materials! Forever changed my life 💜 I'm so grateful 💜 Thank you sister of mine for your kind and generous heart and soul ❤

Janet, North Carolina