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A pair of brown leather moccasins for women from the Dakota line by Black Jacket Tackle Company showing an angled view of the front and side of the shoes
A front view of Black Jacket Tackle Company's Dakota line of an ankle high style of handmade leather moccasins shown in Falcon Brown for women
A view of the back of a pair of ankle high moccasins made by Black Jacket Tackle Company shown in Falcon Brown and the back seam of the moccasins for women
Side view of ankle-high brown leather moccasins for women from Dakota line at Black Jacket Tackle Company
Close up of Black Jacket Tackle Company brand on heel of ankle-high leather moccasins from Dakota line
Black soles of moccasins from Black Jacket Tackle Company made of thick leather

Dakota Moccasin | Women

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We have recently changed our leather uppers for Dakota, utilizing a fabulous, rich leather that is every bit as rugged and durable as the previous, with a more comfortable fit right out of the box. The leather is unfinished, allowing for a patina to develop over time and giving the moccasins more character. Applying Mink Oil also darkens the leather a bit, and gives an old-fashioned pull-up look that is incredible, as well as providing weather protection and conditioning the leather.

With incredible character and durability, Dakota is an amazing moccasin built for hard outdoor use. Minimalist design and quality materials make this a moccasin that will stand out in the crowd.
Ultra rugged and visually magnificent is the best way to describe these moccasins. They boast a most beautiful soft-tempered, but substantial bodied, 5/5.5 ounce leather upper that has beautiful character and will patina as it ages. The natural grained leather exhibits a satin-like finish. The Dakota has the same basic style as our Scout and Outlander, but uses a very strong leather for the uppers. They are built with the intent of hard outdoor use. They utilize cord locks and quality leather lace, which is run through its sueded cuff. Each moccasin comes branded with our Black Jacket Tackle logo. 

These moccasins require a slightly longer break-in period. We recommend you wear socks during this initial break-in time.

  • Constructed with 5/5.5 ounce heavy-bodied cowhide leather
  • Strong 8/9 ounce leather for the soles
  • Tied with high-quality leather lace
  • Available in whole sizes only. Please refer to OUR size chart to find your size. If you cannot find your measurements, or need custom sizes, please contact us!

Size 12 and over will have a $3 price increase to help offset the cost of additional material.

Moccasins are intended for natural outdoor environments. Surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, etc. may cause premature wear. Moccasin's smooth soles maybe slippery when wet and/or on smooth surfaces.

Our leather may feature scars, brand marks, and other imperfections. This is normal, as leather is a natural product and these marks show how the animals lived. We believe these marks are beautiful and add great character to our items. We will not use pieces that the structural integrity is questionable.