tall, shin-high moccasins for women in brown grained leather shown in angled view
side view of ankle high brown genuine handmade leather moccasins for women
front angle view of shin high handmade black leather moccasins for women
side view of ankle high genuine grained leather handmade moccasins for women
front view of black genuine grained leather handmade moccasins for women by Black Jacket Moccasins
shin high black leather handmade moccasins for women from black jacket tackle company
rear view of black jacket tackle company handmade moccasins in black for women
brown leather soft sole on black moccasin for women handcrafted by black jacket moccasins
black leather moccasins opened to the interior of moccasin for women
nomad moccasin in black grained leather with close up of leather lace closure
Nomad Moccasins | Women

Nomad Moccasins | Women

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Handmade items are made to order, branded items are printed after order. Please allow up to 14 business days for your order to ship. Some items may ship separately from other items in your order. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Our Nomad moccasin is a wonderful moccasin for outdoor adventures! Featuring a buttery soft, supple grained leather that feel luxurious on the foot. The exterior is a lightly grained leather with a finish coat applied at the factory to even out color, while the interior is a soft suede that is very soft on the skin and can be turned down. With a slight stretch, these moccasins feel perfect almost immediately, with very little time needed to break in. The soles are our bullhide leather that is thick enough to offer protection from sticks and stones, yet supple enough to flex and give you and incredible feel of the earth. Premium leather laces are then wrapped around the ankle to keep the flaps closed and debris out. Each pair of our moccasins ships out in our branded canvas bag and tied with suede lace.
  • Bullhide leather soles are able to give protection from stick or stones, as well as provide a feel of the earth
  • Grained leather uppers have some stretch for comfort
  • Topside of leather uppers has finish coat for even color
  • Tie closed with strong leather lace
  • Cuff can be rolled for contrast of grained leather with soft sueded interior
  • Available in whole and half US Women's sizes. For custom sizes, please visit our moccasin sizing page.


Due to the nature of leather, moccasins are intended for natural outdoor environments. Surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, etc. may cause premature wear.

Our leather soles may become smooth with wear and may become slippery when wet or on smooth surfaces. Please exercise extreme caution in these situations.

Our leather may feature scars, brand marks, insect bites and other imperfections. We believe these marks add beauty and character to our products. We will not use pieces where the structural integrity is questionable.